Aims and Objects for

Charity limited by guarantee

To register a company for a charity the Aims and Objects must be stated in the company’s constitution (Memorandum & Articles of Association). Your aims will be different from anyone else’s but these examples will help your thinking. Take a sheet of paper and write down what you intend to do and how it will benefit the community. Then try to summarise your notes into a few crisp statements.

An awareness and fundraising campaign.

a. To promote understanding of …….
b. To advance the care of ……
c. To organise events and activities to generate income for the cause.
d. To facilitate the purchase, development and management of……

A counselling service

a. To provide counselling and support to …… in conditions of need, physical or mental suffering & distress after ……
b. To enable such persons to receive help compassion and support and assist and counsel them, at their discretion, to decide on their appropriate way forward.
c. To educate, inform and encourage such people of their rights prior to them embarking upon a particular course of action.
d. To educate and inform the public in general of the rights of …… and to highlight to the public when those rights are violated in any way.
e. To encourage the government of the day to provide legal support to ……free of charge in every case.

A multicultural training service

a. To create employment opportunities by giving training to …… Qualification levels or other appropriate qualifications in …… leading to …… examinations.
b. To promote work in …… countries to assist the education of poor people.
c. In the interests of public health, to educate people about food safety in the regions where the company operates.
d. To carry out these activities in …… in order to help the community as a whole irrespective of caste, creed or religion.

A community based service for the unemployed

a. To provide training for unemployed people, initially but not exclusively, within the …… area.
b. To offer training services to unemployed people regardless of age or background.
c. To provide training and work placement opportunities in a multi-media discipline.
d. To co-operate with other charities and organisations to achieve common goals in synergy with the above stated Aims.

A fund raising venture for a disability group

a. To raise funds on behalf of people who are severely disabled by……
b. To seek to improve the quality of life and independence of such beneficiaries
c. To use appropriate means to publicise and promote the cause
d. To organise appropriate fund raising events and activities




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These examples provide a small selection of the diversity that is covered by charitable organisations. There are countless ways that people help one another and serve the community. But, in an increasingly litigious society, many are seeking to protect their good work by obtaining limited liability through registering their charity as a guarantee company.

Charity limited by guarantee

Information and procedures for registering a limited liability company using a constitution suitable for subsequent charity registration.

Company limited by guarantee

Information and procedures for registering a traditional trustee company for a not-for-profit organisation not seeking charity registration.

Community Interest Company (CIC)

Information and ordering procedures for registering a Community Interest Company (CIC).

Private limited company

Standard limited companies for normal business activities

Company or Charity – which first?

The Charity Commission recommends that a new charity that wishes also to have limited liability registers the company first, then applies to register that company as a charity. They specify the format that the company should use for its Memorandum & Articles of Association.

Ordered Management will help you

We specialise in this business, so don’t be discouraged if you find it hard to put the words together. Tell us in plain English what you intend to do and we’ll help you create the wording for your Aims etc.