Annual Accounts

Accounts must be filed for every company, even if the company is not trading. Companies House publishes deadline dates for filing individual company accounts. If accounts are filed late, they are legally authorised to impose penalties.

Late Filing Penalties
How late?
not more than 1 month
1-3 months
3-6 months
over 6 months

If the company has traded it must submit ‘proper’ accounts prepared by a qualified accountant.
If the company has not done any business or handled any money it can submit Dormant Company Accounts (DCA).


If Ordered Management is your Company Secretary we will remind you of these deadlines. If the company is dormant we will even file the DCA for you (most company secretary services charge extra for that).




If a company is struck off any remaining assets become forfeit to the Crown. Don’t take risks – put your company’s statutory administration in experienced hands.


Company filing obligations.

Every company is obliged to maintain proper records within their own organisation and at Companies House. The Company Secretary must maintain a Statutory Register (which may be in electronic or paper form) and Companies House must be formally notified where that Register is being kept. Key information about company officers and shareholders must be kept up-to-date at Companies House and any changes to the company’s constitution must be formally notified. These tasks are the responsibility of the Company Secretary.


All changes to Officers (Director or Secretary) must be reported promptly to Companies House on the approved form (or the online equivalent). Changes to Registered Office address, accounting dates etc. must also be reported promptly.


Don’t leave things to chance

To make sure that your company is always maintained correctly on the Companies House register appoint a specialist as your Company Secretary.


Failure to report changes may result in the company being struck off.

When an officer of the company moves to a new home it is a legal requirement that their new address is registered at Companies House. If an officer resigns and the company is found to have no directors or company secretary it will be in breach of regulations and may be struck off.


Confirmation Statement (formerly Annual Return)

Each company must submit a Confirmation Statement at the end of each company year, or on the anniversary of when the last confirmation statement was filed. The required deadline dates for each company are published on the Companies House website. A filing fee must be paid once per year (£40 by post or £13 online)

The Confirmation Statement is a statement of the current ownership and control of the company. It must confirm the names and addresses of each officer, the registered office, every shareholder and their individual holdings, and the nature of the business. It must also include a statement of who has control in the company. This is called the PSC register (people with significant control) and includes anyone who has at least 25% of shares or voting rights, anyone who has the right to appoint or resign the majority of directors, and anyone else who exercises significant control in the company.

Late or non-filing of the Confirmation Statement is a breach of Company Law that may result in the company being struck off the Register of Companies.

Late Filing Penalties were increased in February 2009

Read about the consequences.


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