Company formation

For Businesses

Private Limited company (LTD)- £84.17 + VAT
(£95 including VAT)
Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) – £84.17 + VAT
(£95 including VAT)


For Social Enterprises

Community Interest Company (CIC) – £145 + VAT
(£163 including VAT)


CIC Conversion (changing a private limited company into a CIC) – £135 + VAT (£153 including VAT)


Company or Charity Limited by Guarantee (trustee) –
£124.17 + VAT
(£143 including VAT)


Special company services

Change of Share Capital –
£30 + VAT
(£36 including VAT)


Create differential Share types – £40 + VAT
(£48 including VAT)


Change of Company Name (including duty) –
£33 + VAT
(£37 including VAT)





Ordered Management Prices.

The prices shown on this page are in GB Pounds (£).

No hidden extras

Our prices cover all relevant duties and documentation.


Company formation. Fast, inxepensive and accurate
When you order a company

through Ordered Management we make sure everything is done properly so you can start your business with confidence. Get it right.

If you live outside the United Kingdom…

Prices may vary and may not be subject to VAT. However, if billing is to a UK registered company, British VAT will be charged.

For EU resident purchasers outside the UK…

VAT/TVA will be charged UNLESS you tell us your VAT/TVA registration number.


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Company maintenance

Company Secretary service (including Companies House confirmation statement fee) –
£120 + VAT
(£144 including VAT)

“I need help with these forms!”


Registered Office –
£105 + VAT
(£126 including VAT)



Company documents and extras

Good Standing Certificate- £39.17 + VAT
(£44 including VAT)


Order your Company by post

If you don’t like ordering online you can order your company by post.

Download a form for printing.



When you order a company we can help you apply for your business bank account…Barclays bank account information