Value Added Tax


If you live outside the United Kingdom

Prices may vary and some items within our range of services/products are not subject to VAT. However, if our invoice is made out to a private individual or to a UK registered company, British VAT will be charged at the current standard rate. This applies whatever country you may reside in.


For EU registered companies outside the UK

We can invoice without charging VAT if our invocie is made out to a company registered within the European Union holding a valid VAT/TVA number. You must provide evidence of VAT/TVA registration. If you do not provide a valid VAT/TVA number we are obliged to charge the full British rate of Value Added Tax (VAT).


For companies registered outside the European Union

If our invoice is made out to a company registered in a country outside the European Union the supply is regared as an export and is not subject to VAT. This applies only to registered companies. If you are ordering as a private individual our invoice will be made out to your new UK company and is subject to VAT.



Ordered Management Prices.

The prices shown on this page are in GB Pounds (£).

No hidden extras

Our prices cover all relevant duties and documentation.

Company formation

For Businesses

Private Limited company (LTD)- £84.67+ VAT
(£95 including VAT)
Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) – £81.33 + VAT
(£95 including VAT)



For Social Enterprises

Community Interest Company (CIC) – £155 + VAT
(£175 including VAT)


CIC Conversion (changing a private limited company into a CIC) – £145 + VAT (£165 including VAT)


Company or Charity Limited by Guarantee (trustee) – £135 + VAT (£156 including VAT)


Company Services

Company Secretary service (including Companies House Annual Return fee) – £120 + VAT (£144 including VAT)


Registered Office – £105 + VAT (£126 including VAT)


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Trading Terms

Orders are accepted subject to our Terms & Conditions and under the laws of England & Wales.


Company formation
Fast, inexpensive and accurate

Company Maintenance

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When you order a company we can help you apply for your business bank account…Barclays bank account information