Professional Company Secretary

(Company Maintenance Service)

The boring forms and reports that Companies House requires have very little to do with your business; but they can harm the business if they are not done right. It is the Company Secretary’s responsibility to keep these matters up-to-date. So why not hire an expert? This is what we will do if you appoint Ordered Management to be your Company Secretary…


Annual Return

Even if the business does not trade during the year the company must submit an Annual Return to Companies House without fail at the company’s year-end. Failure to file the Annual Return can result in the company being struck off. Inexpert handling of this job is one of the most common causes of wrong Share allocations, which can be financially damaging. To make sure that this job is done on time and correctly appoint Ordered Management as Company Secretary.


Your guarantee of service is assured by our Service Contract, which is issued for each Company Secretary appointment.

Dormant Companies

If your company is “dormant” (i.e. it does not have any income or expenditure) we will file “Dormant Company Accounts” for you. But you must tell us that the company is dormant so we can flag it on our system and file Dormant Company Accounts at the year end. And you must re-confirm to us each year that the company remains dormant. Note that this applies to companies that have shareholders (“limited by shares”). Companies limited by guarantee cannot file Dormant Accounts.


We are not Accountants. To ensure that your company accounts are prepared correctly and to your best tax advantage we advise you to appoint a competent Accountant. To help us give you the best possible service tell us which firm of Accountants will handle your company’s tax affairs. We will then cooperate with them to keep your company compliant on all possible fronts. If you need help to find a suitable Accountant we may be able to refer you to one of the Accountants on our list.

Companies House

As a client for our Company Secretary service you may still receive some correspondence direct from Companies House. Our software ensures that we keep up-to-date with Companies House deadlines, so most of their letters arrive AFTER we have already taken the required action. However, if in doubt just tell us about the letter. As Company Secretary we regard it as our responsibility to keep Companies House “off your back”.


To appoint Ordered Management Ltd or its subsidiary as Company Secretary you need to –
1. Tell us about existing directors, shareholders and other beneficiaries of the company.
2. Provide proofs of ID and residential address for each director and beneficiary.
3. Provide full contact information (telephone, fax and/or e-mail).
4. Pay our Annual Fee.
5. Provide information to enable us to maintain the Company Register.
6. Provide ID and address verification to meet the government’s compliance laws.


What we provide

When you appoint Ordered Management as your Company Secretary we take responsibility for helping your company keep on track with its legal obligations.
As required we will-
1. Maintain the statutory Company Register
2. Register director appointments and resignations
3. Register changes to director details
4. Register issue of new shares
5. Manage Share Transfers
6. Issue Share Certificates
7. File Annual Returns
8. Monitor key filing dates (e.g. Accounts) and warn you as appropriate
9. Prepare and file Dormant Company Accounts (if appropriate)
10. Advise as required on appropriate matters


Must you have a Company Secretary?

The Companies Act 2006 removed the obligation for Private Limited Companies to appoint a Company Secretary, but it did not abolish the Company Secretary’s title, role, or any of the forms a Secretary is responsible to file! Maintaining a company is still a significant job and there are serious risks and financial penalties for failing to keep Companies House updated about your company. If there no Company Secretary appointed the Director is obliged to accept these responsibilities. But filling in forms does not earn you any money; it diverts your attention away from your primary business. The solution is easy; appoint an expert to do the job for you…


Make sure that your company is properly maintained by appointing Ordered Management to do the job.


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