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Your business must operate within a legal framework. You may be self-employed (sole trader or partnership) or you may prefer the benefits of a company with limited liability; but what is a professional limited liability company? There seems to be a range of alternative formats, so which type is right for your needs?

Private Limited Company (LTD)

The most common type of company to be formed for a small or startup business is a "private company limited by shares". This format suits most businesses and it can be set up within a day.

With a company you have "limited liability", which means that your business risks are reduced. Instead of risking your home and all your personal assets your risk is limited to the assets actually owned by your company and the value of the issued shares.
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Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

If your business runs as a partnership you may wish to retain that format. If you also want ‘limited liability’ you can register as a ‘Limited Liability Partnership" (LLP). This is suitable for professionals and consultants who work for fees and want to be self-employed for tax purposes. Is an LLP right for you?


Documents for Non-UK Residents

Directors of British companies can be of any nationality and may live anywhere in the world. But directors living in some countries may need special documentation to prove their legal ownership to authorities in their home country. Ordered Management deals with clients all over the world, so we can help. Certified copies of Memorandum & Articles of Association, Good Standing Certificates, Certificates of Incumbency, Statutory Declarations – all can be provided with the appropriate legalisation and/or apostille.


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The right Company.

Your business must operate within a legal framework. You may be self-employed (sole trader or partnership) or you may prefer the benefits of a company with limited liability; but which type is best for you?

Who will maintain your company?

Somebody must look after the boring forms and reports. That is usually the job of the Company Secretary but, if you want to get on with the jobs you’re good at, you can appoint Ordered Management to look after the company.


Company Secretary service
We look after the boring bits

Limited liability is society’s deal with wealth creators. You are allowed to limit the risks of doing business provided you give the right information to Companies House – and provided you keep it up to date. We often pick up the pieces after businesses have suffered penalties through late filing. Some have even had their companies struck off because they failed to file the statutory forms and reports. Form filling if boring and, for come people, quite daunting. But it must be done.
Let us do the boring bits for you.

Get it right.

We will help you identify and create the right framework for your business.

We will make sure your company is properly registered at Companies House, the necessary appointments are confirmed and the required legal arrangements are in place. We even complete the Statutory Register. For most clients the next step is to open a company bank account, so we make sure everything is done as the bankers will expect to see it.


You run the Business – we look after the Company.



Your social enterprise

Clubs, charities and other social and community interest ventures also face risks. Forming a limited liability brings those risks under control and provides a legal not-for-profit structure for the venture.


Community Interest Company (CIC)

This relatively new type of company provides a lighter format for social enterprises that don’t want the full burden of administering a registered charity. The company is registered with Companies House and the CIC Regulator.

Read about Community Interest Companies (CIC).

Company limited by guarantee

A well-established format for clubs and other not-for-profit ventures with social, if not charitable aims. The members are called Trustees, rather than Directors or shareholders.

Charity limited by guarantee

This is the limited liability side of a charity registration. We register your company with Companies House prior to the Charity Commission registration.


We are called Ordered Management because we take care of the details.

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When you order a company we can help you apply for your business bank account…Barclays bank account information