LLP – Limited Liability Partnership

All businesses face risks, but members of unregistered partnerships have the extra worry of potentially being held liable for their partners’ debts as well as their own. By registering a Limited Liability Partnership you keep the advantages of partnership, with self-employed tax status, but add the security of limited liability.


We provide…

  • LLP registration at Companies House

  • Registration of Designated Members

  • Registration of non-designated members (if any)

  • Incorporation Certificate

  • Plus a FREE lawyer-drafted Partnership Agreement (provided on CD)

  • Additional forms for future development or changes.

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The partners of a Limited Liability Partnership are treated for tax in the same way as if they were sole traders or members of a traditional (unlimited) partnership. In other words, they are “self-employed”. Compare this with the directors of a limited company (LTD) who are taxed as PAYE employees. If you’re not sure which is best for you check our LLP/LTD comparison page.

Designated Members

Designated Members are the LLP members who are held responsible for maintaining the Partnership in good standing at Companies House

They must file an Annual Return and Accounts each year and keep Companies House informed of any changes to the LLP or its Members. Each LLP must name at least two of its Partners as Designated Members. If the LLP only has two Partners they must both agree to be “designated”.

Corporate Members

Members of a Limited Liability Partnership may be private individuals or corporate bodies (companies). for more information about this read the article“LLP – the corporate option”

Registering a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

Ordered Management is one of the few companies in Bristol and South West England with real experience at LLP formation. But we actually serve a worldwide client base, often registering LLPs for overseas companies, and even handling LLP registrations for other company formation businesses. To register your LLP now complete our online form and leave the rest to us. For more information click for help (top right) or call us on 0117 370 2725.

Partnership Agreement

There is no legal obligation for partners make a formal agreement, but we recommend you to do so. Limited companies (LTDs) have documents (called “Memorandum & Articles of Association”) that set out the rules and constitution of the company. LLPs don’t have that, so we help by providing a lawyer-drafted model agreement FREE on CD when we incorporate your LLP.

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Read more about LLP/LTD advantages and disadvantages.

Documents for Non-UK Residents

Members of British registered Limited Liability Partnerships can be of any nationality and may live anywhere in the world. But Members living in some countries may need special documentation to prove their legal ownership to authorities in their home country. Ordered Management deals with clients all over the world, so we can help. Certified copies of Memorandum & Articles of Association, Good Standing Certificates, Certificates of Incumbency, Statutory Declarations – all can be provided with the appropriate legalisation and/or apostille.


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If your LLP is a partnership between two companies (rather than persons) you may need help with the special handling that keeps the LLP legally compliant and up-to-date. This can be done by appointing us to act as Company Secretary for one of the member companies, or by taking out an LLP Maintenance contract.



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