LTD – Private Limited Company formations

When you order a company formation through Ordered Management we make sure everything is done properly so you can start your business with confidence.

    • We make sure the director(s) are registered at Companies House
    • We appoint the Company Secretary if required
    • We allot the shares
    • We complete the Statutory Register
    • We provide the right documents
        • Incorporation Certificate
        • Memorandum & Articles of Association
        • Share Certificate(s)
        • First Board Minutes
        • Register extract
    • We make sure it is done as your bank will expect
    • And we do it fast!
Incoporation Certificate


“Private Company Limited by Shares”. It sounds complicated, but it is just the full name for a standard limited company.

It is called “Private” because its Shares can only be bought or sold with permission of the Directors

That means you keep control. You can issue Shares to an investor, family member or colleague, but your company can’t be taken over against your will.

Company… Limited…

“Limited” means that there is a limit to how much you can lose if it all goes wrong. If the company fails the Creditors (people you owe) can claim the company’s money and assets – but not your personal property… And you lose the money you have paid for your company’s Shares.

by Shares

Shares are like play money; they don’t have value until the company starts winning.

They have a “nominal value” (face value) so they can be counted, but their real value depends on how well the company is doing.

Voting Power
The Shares you hold determine what share of the profits you can get as “dividend” and how much voting power you have… but both depend on how many shares anyone else has.

We are called Ordered Management because we take care of the details.

That’s why our clients like us and keep coming back for company registrations and support. Some of them took the trouble to write and tell us how pleased they are. See what they said and how Ordered Management can help you

Get it right.

We will help you identify and create the right framework for your business.

We will make sure your company is properly registered at Companies House and that the necessary appointments are confirmed and the required legal arrangements are in place. For most clients the next step is to open a company bank account, so we make sure everything is done as the bankers will expect to see it.


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