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Aims and Objects for

Community Interest Companies (CIC)

For a Community Interest Company to be accepted by the CIC Regulator it must have clear aims that fit the criteria laid down for CIC registration. Your aims will be different from anyone else’s but these examples will help you get thinking. You might already have your aims written in a constitution or mission statement. If not, take a sheet of paper or open a blank document and write down what you intend to do and how it will benefit the community. Then try to summarise your notes into a few crisp statements.

Here are some examples to help you think about how to word your aims:

An awareness and fundraising campaign.

a. To promote understanding of …….
b. To advance the care of ……
c. To organise events and activities to generate income for the cause.
d. To facilitate the purchase, development and management of……

A service to help a particular ethnic group.

a) To raise awareness of the … community needs and aspirations amongst the wider communities in the UK
b) To promote the educational, employment, training, social, civic and cultural needs of the … community in UK through information, advice and guidance
c) To help the … community to integrate and fully participate in the host society
d) To promote … culture and values in the UK
e) To work in partnership with other organisations to seek solutions to the barriers and problems encountered by the … community in the UK
f) To inform, educate, advise, connect and help maintain the unique culture and values of the … community in United Kingdom
g) To help the … community retain their identity while enabling them to integrate and contribute to the UK society
h) To advise … Families in need about the benefits of education and training in the UK
i) To promote social inclusion and social integration among the … community
j) To help members of the … community find employment
k) To disseminate and promote sound representation of the … community in the UK
l) To promote positive examples of the achievements of … community members
m) To discourage segregation and self-marginalisation of … community in the UK

A sports centre for a village

a. To provide a sports centre for use by the whole of the … community.
b. To promote sports and healthy living for the village of …

A support service for voluntary organisations and their staff.

To provide support to voluntary organisations and their full or part-time staff and, in particular –

(a) to improve the support available to employees, unpaid volunteers and employers.
(b) to deliver training in employment policies, practices and procedures.
(c) to offer a consultancy and training service that improves strategic planning and funding to support development of good employment practice.
(d) to provide information, advice and guidance for people who work in the voluntary sector.

A fundraising venture for a disability group

a. To raise funds on behalf of people who are severely disabled by……
b. To seek to improve the quality of life and independence of such beneficiaries
c. To use appropriate means to publicise and promote the cause
d. To organise appropriate fundraising events and activities

A conservation project

a. To encourage and provide support for the conservation of …and their habitats.

b. To encourage and provide education, training and the dissemination of information about … and their habitats.

c. To encourage and promote scientific research relating to …conservation.

d. To encourage, support and engage in fundraising for the furtherance of the above aims.

Employment support for disabled workers

a. To provide disabled workers as temporary or contract staff to organisations wanting to assist disabled people to enter or re-enter the employment market.
b. To liaise between employer partners and disabled job-seekers to facilitate sustainable employment for the disabled person
c. To provide support for job-seekers’ disability needs.
d. To develop continuing personal development plans for disabled job-seekers in conjunction with employer partners.
e. To facilitate job sustainability for disabled workers via direct employment by the employer following a probation period as contract staff or continued employment by XXXX where the organisation prefers to work with non-direct staff.
d. To provide the above services within the XXX region and later extending to other parts of the United Kingdom.
e. To contribute funds to disability organisations within the communities where the company operates.

A preschool group

a. to support healthy child development through play and recreation.
b. to target services towards (but not exclusively towards) areas identified as deprived.
c. the XXXX area.
d. to review extension of services to other regions as appropriate.
e. to adhere strictly to the terms of The Children Act 2004

A church-base youth group

a) To serve the community of XXX by pursuing aims consistent with Christian moral and spiritual values
b) To create a safe and comfortable space in which the youth of the town can meet and out of which support services can be delivered
c) To promote a positive youth counter-culture that values each individual within the context of a strong and supportive community.
d) To encourage the youth of XXXX to contribute their untapped potential to the benefit of the town.

A broadcasting facility servicing a particular locality or a particular community interest

(i) develop, broadcast, and maintain an archive of historical factual and anecdotal information and narrative regarding ________
(ii) broadcast programmes with educational and entertainment content for the benefit of _____ in the ____ area
(iii) communicate information and archive the data via an online network
(iv) To create employment opportunities by training both individuals and groups in media and broadcasting skills regardless of age or background.
(v) To organise events and activities and source funding streams to generate income for the cause.
(vi) To co-operate with other charities and organisations to achieve common goals in synergy with the above stated aim

An arts education programme

(i) bring quality, structured musical tuition and strong production values to young enthusiasts;
(ii) widen the appreciation of music beyond a solo learning experience;
(iii) introduce new and stimulating production concepts to tried and tested teaching techniques;
(iv) provide the services within a social and inclusive environment;
(v) target services to _________ but then to a wider area.

Support for people from an ethnic minority

(i) support and empower disadvantaged children, women and men from _________ living in the United Kingdom;
(ii) meet their needs through relieving poverty, sickness or other distress;
(iii) provide facilities for recreation and other leisure-time occupation in the interests of social welfare;
(iv) help them understand and access their legal rights;
(v) enable them to participate fully in society.

Housing or accommodation services

(i) provide safe quality accommodation, social housing, care, support and supervision for those vulnerable adults who are normally unable to access other sources of accommodation, or would otherwise be vulnerable;
(ii) work in partnership with all members of the community, care or health providers and local authorities in relation to the needs for Social Housing and the needs of vulnerable adults;
(iii) promote the independence and good health of our tenants at all times.

Youth services

(i) enable young people to participate better in society;
(ii) provide advice, mentoring and activity resources for young people;
(iii) organise programmes of physical education and other activities;
(iv) help young people advance in life and develop their skills, confidence, capabilities and capacities.

A sports centre

(i) provide a community-centric sports and social club in _________ for the local community;
(ii) provide community sports facilities for the whole of the _________ community;
(iii) promote sports and healthy living to the people of _________;
(iv) promote the sense of community to the people of _________.

A drug/alcohol rehabilitation centre

(i) offer a first class, cost effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre;
(ii) provide a daily 12-week programme;
(iii) help people recover from addiction to alcohol and drugs using our process based upon the world renowned 12 step recovery program.

An awareness campaign for a particular medical condition

(i) raise awareness of _________ disease in populations which are at greater risk with the hope that through education and the promotion of tolerance we will be able to ease suffering;
(ii) provide coherent awareness of the adverse effects which _________ disease has on the health, social, emotional, financial and educational wellbeing of a person who has this disease and in turn the negative impact it presents to the family and care givers who support them.

Employment services

(i) work with employers and job centres to tackle unemployment;
(ii) train people who need employment in skills that will help them to achieve their potential;
(iii) cooperate with job centres to enable unemployed people to have hands-on work experience;
(iv) develop programmes to increase employment opportunities and to enhance skill levels in the community.