Company Secretary Service

(Company Maintenance Service)

Running a business is a full-time occupation, so why increase the worries? Would you like help with filing returns at Companies House? Would you like to escape the formalities of registering changes and appointments, issuing shares and maintaining the Statutory Register? Appoint Ordered Management as your Company Secretary and we will keep your company in good standing at Companies House while you devote your energies to doing the things you do best.


Form free

In order to maintain your company we accept appointment as Company Secretary, and in that role we take responsibility for the Companies House forms. If one arrives at your desk you can send it on to us; though you may not even need to do that. Our system reminds us of all key dates and tasks that our clients need done… chances are we already did the job before Companies House sent that letter.

Totally Reliable

Our clients tell us we are reliable, but actually we can’t help it! Our custom-built software makes sure we keep everything in order, we don’t forget things, and we can find documents and correspondence at the click of a button. The effectiveness of our company maintenance service is built on a superb system and responsible management.

Unmatched service

We know what has to be done and we commit to do it. Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t just take on a nominal role; our systems make sure we don’t forget your company’s obligations – and we act on them. This is what we do:

  • maintain the Statutory Register
  • sign documents where a Company Secretary signature is required
  • handle changes and additions and file the appropriate Companies House forms
  • issue Share Certificates
  • file Dormant Company Accounts (if the company is dormant)
  • liaise with your Accountant (if the company is active)
  • scan all documents that pass through our hands
  • provide copy documents retrieved from our scans
  • allot or transfer shares as needed
  • look after “the company” while you run “the business”

In other words, we do the job properly. When we take on a Company Secretary appointment we issue a Contract – your guarantee that you can leave matters to us.

Legal obligations

Some things can’t be predicted, but there is a minimum of rules and filing obligations that every company must comply with each year – even if the company has not traded. We DO file the Confirmation Statement (previously called Annual Return), we DO maintain the Statutory Register, we DO file Minutes, we DO submit Dormant Company Accounts (if appropriate), we DO support you on other appropriate requirements (such as bank forms).

From 6th April 2008, it became optional for private companies to have a company secretary…

But Companies House did not abolish a single form! Maintaining a company remains a significant responsibility and there are serious risks and potential penalties for failing to do the job properly. The statutory Company Register must be maintained and Companies House must be kept up-to-date about your company. Also, there are certain functions that can be usefully fulfilled by having a secretary, notably the signing and execution of documents. If there is no Company Secretary, documents can only be executed by a sole Director if the signature is witnessed. Alternatively the company can resolve to have the document sealed in accordance with the company’s Articles of Association, if this method is allowed within the company’s constitution.


Make sure that your company is properly maintained…


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Our clients said:


“We are delighted to have you on board as our Company Secretary”


“How fantastically efficient!”


“I would recommend your service to anyone”


“Your tag line, ‘You run the business – we look after the company’ says exactly what you do.”


“my own practice has benefited and I shall continue to refer your business to my clients in the future”


“we found Ordered Management’s knowledge & expertise tremendously reassuring and helpful”


“Your knowledge, professionalism and advice are a major asset to our business.”


“I was also pleasantly surprised at how little it cost.”

no more forms!
“No more forms!”


“Derrick (Director of Ordered Management Ltd) knows his stuff, and takes the strain off busy clients and professional advisers. His diary-driven systems for staying on top of all the deadlines a company has to meet are very impressive – I have seen them in action in his control centre, and the depth of the information he has at his fingertips is astonishing. Derrick also has a wealth of experience for his clients to draw upon and some niche specialisms too. If you want to spend more time looking after your business, you should certainly let Derrick look after your company.”

James Taylor (Solicitor), Wards Solicitors

When you order a company formation we can help you apply for your business bank account…
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