About Nominee services

Nominee Services help companies who need to be discreet. Carefully structured arrangements ensure full legality but keep your personal information out of the public record. Nominee services include Nominee Director and Nominee Shareholders. For further peace of mind appoint us as Company Secretary and ensure that your company never falls behind with Companies House filing and reporting requirements.


For better understanding of the applications for nominee services read the article “Is nothing private?”




Nominee Services

The names, addresses, occupations and birth dates of Company Directors are registered at Companies House. Information about company directors can be cheaply obtained direct from Companies House or from a specialised credit search agency. The principal reason why some people appoint nominee directors is to avoid making their personal details so easily available. It can be a useful way to prepare a company for a future venture so everything is in place when you are ready to go ahead. There is nothing sinister about wanting to be private. However, we insist on appropriate checks and disclosures before accepting nominee director appointments.


The procedure is simple:

You appoint one of our nominees to serve as director in your place. Our nominee grants ‘Power of Attorney’ to you and issues a Contract, so that you can run the business effectively. For more details read Nominee Directors.


Nominee Shareholder

The principles of Nominee Shareholding are similar to those for Nominee Directors

and the reasons for making such appointments are often similar. Confidentiality is the key and our legal documentation is your assurance.


Your protection and reassurance.

When you appoint one of our Nominees to hold Shares on your behalf we ensure that your benefits are protected without making your personal details public. Your shares are held under Trust, backed by a legal document called a Declaration of Trust, signed by the Nominee, sealed with our company seal. For more details read Nominee Shareholder.


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Company Secretary

When you start out in business you need all the help you can get. Good advice is handy, but perhaps you need more practical support? To maximise your business potential you should do what you are good at. Are you good at handling bureaucracy?

To get help with Companies House forms and with maintaining your company’s legal filing and registration requirements…appointOrdered Management as your Company Secretary


No more forms!


As your nominee Company Secretary, we will look after the legal requirements and leave you to earn money by doing what you do well. We will handle officer appointments, share issues, completion and filing of the Annual Return and signing of such forms as require the signature of the Company Secretary.


When you order a company we can help you apply for your business bank account…Barclays bank account information