You run the Business.
We look after the Company.

Ordered Management knows about companies. We register new ones all the time and we maintain lots of existing companies so that the owners can get on with their business. And we’re not afraid to handle difficult tasks. We register popular LTDs and complicated not-for-profit companies. We form Limited Liability Partnerships and Community Interest Companies. And, when things get complicated, we are the people Accountants and Solicitors call to handle Share Transfers, Written Resolutions and to create special Share Classes.

Based in the historic city of Bristol, Ordered Management provides UK company formation services to clients in over 50 countries. Our expert services are even used by specialist Company Formation Agents. People come to us because we understand business, because we listen, because we are fast and because we take care of the details. Read what our clients say about us.

Company Formation & Company Secretary Services

Company Formation Services.

We quickly register your business as a LTD or LLP right from checking the company name to registering the company officers and shareholders. If you want, we will continue maintaining your company after registration. We don’t just leave it to you to fill in the forms and hope you’ve got it right. We help by checking your entries and making sure you have the right solution for your business, charity or other organisation. But, for all our thoroughness, we still form your company within a day*. Check out the safe way to order your company.


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* Applies to LTDs and LLPs… Community Interest Companies take a bit longer.

Company Maintenance can be boring…

We look after the Companies House forms and reports that the law requires from you as a Limited Liability Company, but your business doesn’t. You run your business and safely leave the boring forms and reports to us.

Don’t take the risk

of late filing penalties. As your Company Secretary we will handle Companies House forms, filing and reporting requirements. When Ordered Management is in control you will never miss a Companies House deadline… we have the systems, the knowledge and the experience.


Keeping your Company Administration up-to-date
Company Secretary Service.
Give the work to a professional…


Why appoint a Secretary?

Since the Companies Act 2006 came into effect it is no longer mandatory to appoint a Company Secretary. But hundreds of people still rely on Ordered Management to act as their Company Secretary.




Because the job still has to be done and it can be expensive if you get it wrong or miss statutory deadlines. Time and time again we help people who come close to having their company struck off for failing in these areas. To you, Companies House procedures may be strange and irritating; to us they are everyday business. Trust the job to a professional.

Appoint Ordered Management now.

“We recently used Ordered Management’s ‘Company Formation Service’

and ‘Company Secretary Service’ to help establish a new business venture. It could not have been an easier, quicker or more professionally handled experience.

I was also pleasantly surprised at how little it cost. With so much to think about in setting up a business we found Ordered Management’s knowledge & expertise tremendously reassuring and helpful. I would recommend Ordered Management’s professional services to anyone looking to start a business”

Martin Langdon
The Best of Bristol Ltd


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